Afghanistan's crisis: Civil War and Terrorism threat

Afghanistan's crisis: Civil War and Terrorism threat

Afghanistan teeters on brink of Civil War and Terrorism, warns former Commander

Afghanistan's dire situation

Afghanistan is facing a perilous path two years after the sudden departure of US forces from Kabul. A former Afghan commander, Lt. Gen. Haibatullah Alizai, warns that the country is teetering on the brink of civil war, riddled with factionalism within the Taliban, and becoming a refuge for foreign terrorists.

Alizai, who once served as the chief of staff for the Afghan army during the Taliban's takeover of Kabul in August 2021, expresses deep concern about the current state of Afghanistan. He believes that the nation is at risk of either plunging into another civil war or splitting apart, largely due to the rise of terrorist control over the last two years.

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Terrorist onslaught

Under the Taliban's rule, Afghanistan has witnessed a surge in the number of terrorist organizations operating within its borders. Al-Shabaab, an African terrorist group, has even established a presence and begun training militants in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda remains active, and ISIS (Daish) is gaining momentum. This alarming situation is unfolding while the Taliban governs the nation.

Biden administration's hasty withdrawal

Alizai places blame on the Biden administration for hastily leaving Afghanistan, leaving its people at the mercy of the Taliban. He believes that the administration missed an opportunity to better understand the complex situation on the ground. Despite warnings from various quarters, the decision was rushed, resulting in the current turmoil.

Alizai warns that Afghanistan, under these circumstances, is heading toward becoming even worse than it was before the US intervention in 2001. He underscores the infighting among different Taliban factions, which has created a power struggle and allowed ISIS to gain ground in the country. This disarray within the Taliban adds to the uncertainty and instability in Afghanistan's future.

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