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Himachal News: Holidays can be extended up to 19 in schools

After January 8, the state’s summer closing schools can make the decision to prolong the holidays for a week. Despite the fact that neither the state government nor the education department has issued any such order or notification, the number of Covid cases in the state continues to rise.

In this case, the leave can be extended for another week. According to the Education Department, the future ruling will only apply if the state government issues an order. The Education Department has proposed two choices at its level: first, keeping the school closed for all children, and second, reopening the school after the summer break.

Only children from classes, i.e., 9th to 12th, can be summoned to school. The education department, on the other hand, is currently awaiting directions from the state government. Calling young children to school during this pandemic can be risky, according to the Education Department. Extending the vacations will give kids time to relax.


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