35 fishermen arrested by UK Navy, handed to Indian Coast Guard

35 fishermen arrested by UK Navy, handed to Indian Coast Guard

British Navy apprehends 35 Fishermen, transfers custody to Indian Coast Guard

Around 35 fishermen from Tamil Nadu, who were arrested over a month ago near the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), have been handed over to the Indian Coast Guard after facing trial and a fine of 25,000 British Pounds. The fishermen were detained for venturing into deep-sea fishing areas within the BIOT, an archipelago administered by the UK in the Indian Ocean.

Detention and fine:

The fishermen were arrested on September 29 for fishing approximately 230 nautical miles near the BIOT. Following their arrest, they underwent trial at BIOT and were fined 25,000 British Pounds. One boat was seized due to non-payment of the fine, while another, along with its 35 crew members, was released.

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The detained fishermen were brought off Vizhinjam on the BIOT patrol vessel 'Grampien Endurance' and their own fishing boat. They were subsequently handed over at sea to Indian Coast Guard ships 'Anagh' and 'C 441'. The transfer marks their journey back to India.
Expected to arrive at Vizhinjam around 7:30 pm, the fishermen will undergo medical examinations and interrogation by relevant agencies. Afterward, they will be handed over to the Fisheries Department for a secure return to Thengapattinam in Tamil Nadu. The release of the fishermen concludes a month-long ordeal, marking the end of their detention near the BIOT.

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