14 Chandigarh NCB Officers receive national recognition

14 Chandigarh NCB Officers receive national recognition

Fourteen Chandigarh NCB Officers awarded national honors for outstanding service

In recognition of their exemplary work, 14 officers from the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Chandigarh have been awarded the Union Home Minister's Special Operations Medal for the year 2023. These officers formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) that successfully dismantled an international drug syndicate operating out of Ludhiana, Punjab, with connections to Dubai, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in November 2022.

Operation details

Under the leadership of Gyaneshwar Singh, Deputy Director General (DDG) of the NCB, the Chandigarh Unit executed a meticulous operation that unveiled several hidden locations linked to the drug syndicate. Notably, they discovered two secret labs in Ludhiana, where Afghan nationals were found involved in heroin processing.

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The list of awardees includes Gyaneshwar Singh, Amanjit Singh, Mohinder Jit Singh, Amar Shankar, Karamvir Singh, Kuldeep Tomar, Sharique Omar, Rahul Saini, Prince Kumar, Paramjeet, Sumit Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Lalit Kumar SA, and driver Mijan Singh.

Operation outcomes

The operation resulted in the arrest of 19 individuals, including key figures, drug traffickers, those involved in white-collar crimes, and two Afghan heroin processing specialists. Additionally, several individuals associated with the infamous Jaggu Bhagwan Puria gang were apprehended.

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During the operation, the authorities seized around 40 kg of heroin, 0.6 kg of opium, 23.6 kg of caffeine hydrochloride (HCL), 31 live bullets, and magazines.

This commendable work by the NCB officers not only disrupted a major drug network but also curtailed its cross-border operations, emphasizing the relentless efforts of law enforcement to maintain public safety and combat drug-related crimes.

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