"Telangana's Orphan Policy to Provide Holistic Support and Care for State's Orphaned Children"
KT Rama Rao

"Telangana's Orphan Policy to Provide Holistic Support and Care for State's Orphaned Children"

"Telangana Government to Introduce "Orphan Policy" for Comprehensive Support to State's Children"

Telangana Government to Introduce "Orphan Policy" for State's Children

Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao announced a new "Orphan Policy" on Monday, aiming to provide comprehensive support and care to orphans in the state. Under this policy, the government will adopt and consider these children as 'children of the state', ensuring they receive necessary amenities and support on humanitarian grounds. The minister revealed that the scheme will be presented in the upcoming cabinet session.

Empowering Orphaned Children as "Children of the State"

The "Orphan Policy" is a significant step by the Telangana government to improve the living conditions and future prospects of orphaned children in the state. By considering them as "children of the state," the government aims to provide them with the same care and opportunities as any other child in the state. This initiative reflects the government's commitment to ensuring the well-being and welfare of vulnerable children, offering them a chance for a better future.

Comprehensive Act for Better Living Conditions

In 2022, the Telangana government had initiated plans to introduce a comprehensive act focused on enhancing the living conditions of orphaned children. The cabinet sub-committee on Child Welfare and Women's Development played a crucial role in making important decisions to support these children. One such decision was the declaration of orphans as "State Children" or "Rashtra Biddalu," opening doors for various forms of assistance and care to be extended to them.

Humanitarian Support and Amenities

As part of the "Orphan Policy," the Telangana government aims to provide orphans with all essential amenities and support they require. This assistance will be offered on humanitarian grounds, highlighting the government's compassionate approach towards these vulnerable children. Similar to other successful schemes introduced by the state, the new policy seeks to create a nurturing and caring environment for orphaned children, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives.

Transforming Lives Through Adoption

The introduction of the "Orphan Policy" marks a significant stride in transforming the lives of orphaned children across Telangana. By adopting a child-centric approach, the government aims to empower these children and provide them with equal opportunities to thrive and succeed. This policy is expected to set a positive precedent for the welfare of vulnerable children in the state, fostering an inclusive and supportive society for all.

Inclusive Governance for a Brighter Future

With the "Orphan Policy," the Telangana government reiterates its commitment to inclusive governance, ensuring that no child is left behind. By considering orphans as 'children of the state,' the government strives to provide them with love, care, and a nurturing environment that enables them to blossom and contribute positively to society. This proactive approach towards the welfare of orphaned children demonstrates the state's dedication to building a brighter and more equitable future for all its citizens.

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